It makes me laugh when people generally those who like to do whatever they want, whenever they want say, “You can't legislate morality.”

Of course we can. And we do. Every single law ever enacted legislates morality from someone's point of view.

When people make similar arguments about “forcing” religion on children, it doesn't make me laugh. Now we're talking about generations of kids and parents who raise them with no common sense. And that makes me crazy.

Children don't live in a vacuum, they live in your home. And your values and choices will, inevitably, affect them, either by their emphasis or their absence. And whether you “force” your value set on them or not, someone else will be actively campaigning for the heart of your child.

Who better to indoctrinate children? A loving even imperfect parent? Or a political party? A retailer? A drug dealer? A cause?

For my kids, I pick their mom and dad.