Update: Nominations have now closed. Please vote for the Best LDS Female Solo Blogger of 2010!

Nominations are open for Best Female LDS Blogger of 2010.

Yes, we're late to the 2010 awards games, but the Grammys were just held last week. (Or some big award show, right? (A woman in the ward called that night and apologized for interrupting if I was watching. I wasn't.)) So here is our first, annual contest. Please nominate bloggers you love — or yourself!

Blogger Criteria

  • Female
  • Writes for a personal blog, not a group blog
  • LDS and identifies as such — not necessarily a Mormon blog, but the person would call themselves LDS if asked
  • Mainstream LDS — yes, it's subjective; don't have to be 100% positive about church stuff all the time, but this isn't about nominating ex-mormons, disgruntled Mormons, or mythological Mormons
  • Began blogging before January 1, 2010
  • Posted at least 12 times in 2010
  • Does not and did not write as a perm for Mormon Momma (no inbreeding, people!) and is not married to someone who writes or wrote as a perm for Mormon Momma

Blogger Prizes

  1. Recognition! (We will write a post telling everyone you won this esteemed contest.)
  2. Praise! (We will write a post telling everyone how wonderful you are for winning this esteemed contest.)
  3. Links! (We will write a post linking back to your blog from this esteemed blog. OK, maybe not esteemed, but it's a PR4.)
  4. Fun! (Trust me. It's a party here.)

Nominees in Alphabetical Order by Blog Title

  1. Ellen Patton at Big Red EP
  2. C. Jane Kendrick at C. Jane Enjoy It
  3. Montserrat at Chocolate on My Cranium
  4. Jenna at Cranberry Corner
  5. Jandee at Curiosity & Wonderment
  6. Tracy M at Dandelion Mama
  7. Kacy at Every Day I Write the Book
  8. ~J. at formerly phread
  9. AimeeTheSuperMom at From Silence to Song
  10. Vennesa at I Eat Good Real Food
  11. Brooke Harkness at I Wanna Talk About Me
  12. Ashley Carter at It's Good to Be Ashley Carter
  13. Carina at The Jet Set
  14. Charlotte at …just a little bit of quirky-ness
  15. Ardis Parshall at Keepapitchinin
  16. MommyJ at Mommy Snark
  17. Sarah Clark at The Mother Load
  18. Zina at My Imaginary Blog
  19. DaNae Handy at My Real Life Was Backordered
  20. Stephanie Nielson at The NieNie Dialogues
  21. Keri Brooks at The Posts of My House
  22. TAMN at Seriously So Blessed
  23. alexandra at The Way We Spend Our Days is the way we spend our lives
  24. Heatherlady at Women in the Scriptures


Nominations will close on February 28, 2011. All eligible bloggers will be listed in a poll. Voting will be open for two weeks at which time a winner will be named. Aforementioned prizes will be dolled out to the lucky winner.

Who is your favorite LDS female solo blogger? Comment below with blogger's name and blog URL. Post will be updated with legitimate nominations as they come in.