As a child I was always fascinated by advent calendars. The first one I ever saw was a standup cardboard calendar that my dad bought from a door-to-door salesman. It had little paper windows to open each day to reveal a picture behind.

Christmas Advent Calendars

Over the past few days I've posted seven Christmas advent calendars that I've collected over the years from various sources. All of them focus on Christ or doing good at this holy season. Follow the links below to get all the detailed scriptures (linked!), songs, and ideas. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Character of Christ Christmas Advent Calendar
    Each day includes a scripture about Christ that displays an aspect of his character to discuss. We light a special candle each day when we use this advent calendar, as per the instructions.
  2. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
    This is the advent calendar we are using this year. Simple and engaging. While reading a scripture about the ministry of Christ, then an ornament representing each day is added to the tree. Alternatives included.
  3. Daily Goal Christmas Advent Calendar
    Read a scripture about Christ. Sing a hymn or Christmas song. The complete a goal each day that will bring you closer to Christ. Put knowledge into action with this wonderful advent calendar.
  4. Musical Christmas Advent Calendar
    This simple advent calendar can easily fit into the busiest of schedules. Read a scripture, sing a related carol or hymn. Send everyone on their way with the spirit of the season.
  5. Scripture Christmas Advent Calendar
    Great advent calendar for daily devotions. Read a scripture about Christ and sing a related hymn or Christmas carol. Great way to start (or end!) each day of December.
  6. Service Christmas Advent Calendar
    This advent calendar makes a wonderful family project. Each day choose an act of service for someone else. Spread the love at Christmas! Works well when combined with any of the other advent calendars as well.
  7. Q&A Christmas Advent Calendar
    Get into great family discussions with this question and answer style Christmas advent calendar. Read a scripture and then ask a question about what was read. See where the discussion takes you!

I hope you enjoy these calendars. Choose a different one each year and see which is your favorite. Please leave feedback and/or modifications you have used. The more ideas, the better!

Merry Christmas!