The other day a friend  of mine, Julie Smith, blogged about the Young Women/Young Men modesty issue. It reminded me of a few past blogs here, such as Modesty Mores Than Skin Deep that touched on the issue.

For ages I've been fighting against the notion that was beat into my head as a youth in the church. Teaching young women to be modest so that they don't turn on the young men, “cause” them to be immoral, or turn into walking porn is so wrong-headed that I can't even express it.

Men — young or not — are responsible for their own choices.

In my experience (and opinion), teaching young women to dress modestly so that they will “respect themselves” doesn't help. It's nebulous and fuzzy — and easy to counter.

But if we don't use that and get rid of the “so you don't arouse the boys” position, how do we teach modesty? Why do we teach modesty? What are the spiritual, doctrinal reasons that we teach modesty?