This isn't a video about Jesus Christ. It's actually a life insurance commercial. Yea, I know, right? But it really is one of the best videos of Jesus Christ ever, without intending to be. Because the least of these is always him.

Least of These is Him

About a decade ago I read a life changing book titled Masquerading as Angels by Lance Richardson and Bruce Miller. It was a chronicle describing a vacation taken by two families with the purpose of finding people along the way to whom they could offer service.

While we haven't (yet) implemented the grand service vacation plan (yes, it's on my bucket list), it has been a constant reminder (when I remember) that — like the man in this video — we can find people to serve all day long, wherever we are. And we can change lives in the process (mostly our own).

Who can you bless today? Look around with me. I'd love to hear if you had something warm and fuzzy happen.

Incidentally, as I read the book, the second couple seemed more and more familiar. Some months later — after being on the high school reunion planning committee — I reconnected with an old high school friend, Janiel Miller, and asked if, indeed, she and her husband were that Bruce and Janiel. And they were. Not only did this little book change my outlook, but I have the honor of having reclaimed Janiel as a dear (and very awesome) friend. [If you do purchase the book, the proceeds go to support Lance's widow and their children.]