Times & Seasons has been my favorite LDS blog for a long time. It's open to comments from all over the spectrum, but is basically a faithful, academic blog with some silliness thrown in and the kind of camaraderie that comes from long-time discussion (and needling) of each other. I read it regularly (which for me, means about weekly) and comment either when I really like something or when a post puts a torch under my office chair.

Last January, however, I was taken aback when I got an email inviting me to be a guest blogger. Huh? Me? My first reaction was to recall a saying my dad told me years ago:

I'd never want to join a club that would have me as a member.

I mean, if the esteemed T&S permabloggers actually let me blog over there even for a short stint it can't really be as cool as I thought.

Because I had corporate taxes looming, I asked to wait until March, when I could think clearly in non-numeric terms. (Or, at least as clearly as I ever can.) But I feel more than a bit of trepidation and hope I don't do too much damage. Still, I hope you all will join me there. Maybe you can even make me look good. Or at least pull back up the coolness factor.