I hate Twitter. OK, I don't get it. I'm totes on there and all. Tweeter me at @AlisonMSmith. But I probably won't answer because I don't really know how. I can't follow conversations and brevity is not my strong suit. Why is this a thing, anyway?

#ThugMormon Trending Now

The only time I had any kind of Twitter success was when Facebook went down last winter and I had a brilliant way to deal with my anxiety.

And to be clear, “Twitter success” for me means 23 retweets and 64 favorites. I'm on fire.

In spite of my ineptwittertude, someone messaged me a funny hashtag (another new fangled convention that I barely grasp) distracted me from my otherwise desperate life pondering a hopeless future with either Hillary or The Donald. Today I share some joy. I don't even know exactly how #ThugMormon got started. Something about a BYU football player (who isn't a Mormon) getting arrested, I think, and a radio host solemnly noting just how freaking thuggish Mormons are. (Feel free to correct this rough sketch with the truth in the comments.) Then the idea of our natural propensity to be criminally negligent took on a life of its own. Behold the badness.  

May the thug be with you. This day and always.