Reflections of a twice-divorced, LDS single mom.
I must admit I feel a bit like Matt Foley “motivational speaker” as I prepare to introduce myself. I may not be living in a “van down by the river,” but being married in the temple (not once, but twice) and being divorced (not once, but twice) does tend to make one feel like a far-from-ideal poster child for the hopes and dreams of an LDS gal. 
I chose to title my inaugural post “the space between” because I feel like that is where I currently reside. I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in and hope for a healthy, loving, and eternal marriage. I don ?t know when that relationship opportunity will present itself, but until it does, I am here, in this space, trying to navigate the unique landscape that is part of being a divorced member of the LDS church. At times that landscape has been marked by painful and lonely periods that don ?t fit easily into the LDS culture of “family” and “forever.”
The “space between” presents itself in a variety of ways and creeps in at unexpected times. Most recently, it presented itself as I was asked to be part of the witness couple in an endowment session. When non-married individuals (in contrast to often cozy and affectionate married couples) are asked to serve as a “couple,” it results in an awkward space between ? at the altar. Fortunately, a loving Heavenly Father constantly reassures me that this awkwardness this temporary ‘space between” is a valuable and essential part of the learning and growing I need to do.
I hope my “previously married” perspective is a valuable addition to the great voices here at Mormon Momma and I look forward to hearing from all of you whether or not you can relate to or agree with the thoughts I share. So, share with me ?.does the “space between” resonate with you at all? Are there times in your life when you have felt “out of sync” or that you just don ?t “fit'”? What have you learned from those times? Thanks in advance for sharing!