I was visually accosted by a ginormous television screen. I mean seriously large. No matter what I did I could not get away from the power of the thing. I would have needed serious blinders, and quite possibly a blindfold, to avoid the images and messages protruding towards me and worming their way into my brain. I suddenly thought, “Do we need a bigger TV? I should go check that out.” This thought is absolutely incongruous with my reality. People that know me will need help getting their jaws off the floor. Did I mention the thing was mammoth?

I couldn't think, my own thoughts anyway. After a few seconds of feeling dazed and confused, an image popped into my mind of an equally gigantic set of scriptures. Thankfully I wasn't so far gone as to block out or dismiss help from the Lord. At that moment I was able to regain my composure, determine which direction I needed to go, and remember why I was even in the store in the first place. Most importantly, I knew that I did not need that beast in my home.

As I headed in the right direction, I pondered that brief experience and wondered how I was doing at making Christ and His gospel the center of my life, and in turn my family's life. I don't have a table large enough for scriptures of that size, but I can make them more prominent and work to ensure their effectual magnitude. 

Whether super sized or nano sized, media and technology have amazing potential. How do you keep worldly and temporal things appropriately proportionate to your dedication to, and worship of, the Lord and His gospel?