Bigger ScrapbookRemember when Prince changed his name to that symbol that couldn't be pronounced, so everyone started calling him “the performer formerly known as Prince”? (Where was his PR agent when that happened?)

Like that, I have a calling no one can identify. I'm the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. No, I'm not in charge of Relief Society meeting, I'm in charge of the other Relief Society meetings besides the regular Relief Society meeting that everyone thinks of when you say “Relief Society meeting.” I like to call myself “the person formerly known as the homemaking leader.” 

Anyway, in July we are having a “super saturday” craft day titled Christmas in July. We're not (necessarily) making holiday-ish items. The plan it so give everyone a head start on making holiday gifts — before it gets close to the holidays. Get it?

So, here's the deal. I am the least crafty person on earth. My husband calls me the anti-craft. I'm organized and dependable and enthusiastic, but I'm absolutely not equipped to select or teach crafts. Seriously.

Here's where you come in. Ideas! I need ideas of reasonably priced, fairly easy to make crafts that could be done in the span of a couple of hours. And, I need to have directions for how to recreate them. In other words, your favorite, awesome Pinterest collection is great — as long as I can get more than an amazing picture.

Please have pity on my soul and help me! I will be forever indebted to you!