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It's strange to me that the church is proudly aligning with legislation that prohibits so-called “conversion therapy.”

I submit to you that all therapy is either conversion therapy or entrenchment therapy.

I also submit that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate conversion therapy.

Sunday Morning Session

D. Todd Christofferson

Amy A. Wright

Christ can heal broken relationships with others and with ourselves.

Go and sin no more = go forth and change (go forth and heal)

Forgiveness required of all

Waiting upon the Lord can be a sacred place, a place of polishing and refining, a place to know the Lord. We might also ask, “Where art thou?”

Concern less about the way we are delivered and more on the deliverer.

Nothing is beyond the reach of Christ.

Gary E. Stevenson

Selfless charity fulfills the law of Christ.

Love for others is preaching of Christ.

Sharing isn't about selling the gospel or correcting incorrect perceptions. You aren't the sheriff, you are the sharer.

Michael T. Ringwood

Personal mission, personal salvation, personal plan

Each of us, individually, is their work and their glory.

Heavenly Father and Jehovah are intimately involved in the details of our lives. Heavenly Mother?

“You saved my life.”

I think we need to stop charging humans with saving others. Not just in an eternal sense, but in a mortal sense as well. (Yesterday's talk addressing suicide, for example.)

Ronald A. Rasband

Religious freedom. Restrictions of faith-based principles.

Can there be reasonable restrictions on religious actions?

All his children, male and female. (Not an endless spectrum of “genders.”)

Providing vaccinations, particularly Covid, is NOT a flex. It's time we admit it's not safe and not effective. Do they really not know this yet? The entrenchment is nauseating.

Hugo E. Martinez

Lifelong process of learning and growth.

Self-reliance: 4 areas of focus

  • Favor with God
  • Favor with man
  • Stature
  • Wisdom

Create goals in each area.

The Family Proc is internally inconsistent. Will someone please fix it and stop the equivocation?

  1. Good examples of service
  2. Living and teaching the principles of self-reliance
  3. Obey commandment to build self-reliance

Russel M. Nelson

Forgive all

Covenant path: get back on

Discover the joy of daily repentance

Fuel positive spiritual momentum

Daily experiences worshipping the Lord

Seek and expect miracles

Sunday Afternoon Session

Dallin H. Oaks

Do we abide by the laws required for the kingdom in which we wish to reside?

Family centeredness is not based only on mortal experience.

Salvation is an individual matter. Exaltation is a family matter.

Gender is an essential eternal characteristic. The church does not support change of gender.

The gender issue seems far more pertinent to today's members than whether or not we are curious about Heavenly Mother. Thank you for that.

Again, however, why do we continue to cite the Proclamation when it is internally inconsistent?

Adeyinka A. Ojediran

Each of us is a prince or princess, sent here to return for inheritance.

So…we braided hair whilst listening to the rest of conference. hehh

Dieter F. Uchtdorg

OK, I just had to acknowledge the flight analogy.