I have a decades-long dream. It's to go on a trip to some wonderful, relaxing place — and take my favorite people from all different phases of my life with me.

Of course, I'd take my family and close relatives. But then I'd take the “gang” of friends I grew up with: Lisa, Marnae, Kim, Annette, Shelly, Michelle, Eileen, Liz, Sonja, Kerri, Cheri, Paula, Lisa, Jennifer, Jill, Jerryne, Deanne, and a bunch more. I'd grab some college buddies, like Dallas, Marie, Lisa, Courtney, Brenda, Sarah, Paige, and a few others. Without question there will be the Boca contingency, which would have to include Tara, Robyne, Amber, Rolain, Donna, Kendra, Becky, Patti, Kim, Holly, Sheri, and others. And I couldn't forget my dear friends from Eagle Mountain, my new friends in Lindon, and all my blogging partners and associates. Of course spouses would be invited.

It would be like a class reunion without all the stress of having to see the kid who tortured you every day your entire childhood. (I call him “Bob.”)

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