Take the time to watch the video. Really.

“Once a week  church attendance is sufficient fora  13-year-old boy.” With all those block meetings, firesides, priesthood previews, family home evenings, seminary classes, and mutual nights, you might be imposing “too much religion” on your children. And the government might need to step in.

One of my biggest frustrations with parents is their willingness to go along with whatever idiotic stuff public school impose. As the most prevailing government institution in most families, schools have an inordinate amount of influence.

In my opinion, good families go along with things mainly because that is the price of getting “free” education. To keep getting the flow of freebies, we keep voting more and more money to schools and we certainly don't rock the boat or challenge the status quo (or the teachers or administrators).

I know many of you will claim otherwise. You might be some of the few who really do know what's going on, who really are willing to keep government entities in line by speaking up, who are willing to do what's necessary (even doing without the “free” stuff) in order to take care of your kids.

But far too many parents are fooling themselves. They let things go, they look the other way, they fear retribution, they can't be bothered to get involved given the cost of the alternatives. (“Why do your kids take classes at Timpanogos? The busses don't even go there?”) And little by little the schools and legislators and courts remove our freedoms. And we just keep smiling.

You can just watch the the first 32:39 of the movie. The rest is an appeal for ParentalRights.org. A worthy cause, I think, but not the only way to address these issues.

Please sign the sign the petition for the Parental Right Amendment if you agree.