At the heart of it we are all feminists. I highly doubt any would choose to return to the days without voting privileges and the like. The nuances of religious feminism are complex. We have questions. We have concerns. It is quite often isolating to feel different, or be different, or think differently than the masses. We hope that the church is mature enough to allow space for the individual while maintaining Christ's standards. I hear tales of good women leaving the church because we are not kind, and we don't listen. Because we judge what we don't understand. And we don't trust the Lord.

Christ wasn't afraid of questions. He wasn't afraid to hear and understand. He wasn't concerned with pressures and norms. He sought the Father's will and went forth with faith, diligence, and most of all charity. He stayed in his business and acted in authority when necessary. He listened.

The things for which we share a passion differ, but we all share a desire to be treated with respect, dignity, and equality as our Father in Heaven defines. One could go in circles siting references aplenty about exactly what it means to be equal in the sight of God. In the end, none of us is right or actually knows. We seek those things which edify and enlighten on a personal basis. We engage in dialogue and seek understanding. Hopefully such dialogue is kind as well as informative and we are not on a path to prove another wrong. 

Yippee for pants and their ability to teach about unwritten rules and cultural pressures. Hurrah for recognition that women can indeed pray sufficiently to open or close any meeting. Onward in the search for understanding of God's will concerning His priesthood. Thank you to all who are more vocal than I. I am grateful that my daughters will reap the benefits of those willing to blaze the trail. Maybe they will become the next generation of blazers. Hopefully they will do it with kindness and respect and leave the sarcasm and name calling out.

There is nothing to fear. If the Lord does indeed run His church through a living Prophet, then how scary can a few questions be?