Ordain Whomever

Where is my paddle when I need it. I have an idea: let’s all line up in the woods, choose sides, and bare our bottoms for a good old fashioned spanking. Maybe thinking about our welting backsides, and that it hurts just the same whether you “hold” the priesthood or not, will help us remember that we are first children of God. A God who has commanded that we love one another, even as He has loved us.

And in our mortal state we experience pain, and can inflict it on others most violently.

Someone please provide me with absolutely irrefutable proof that we have any business “trying to figure this out.” Isn’t it the Lord’s business? Isn’t He capable of deciding what to do with “irreverent” and “disobedient” children. For the record I do not see those agitating for change as either of those terms.

Listen here, it’s not your business how your neighbor gets to Christ or even if they do. I know we hear a lot about sharing the gospel and spreading the good news. But that does not mean we are better than the next lady trying to figure out her destiny. It doesn’t. Ever.

The louder the screams. The more hateful the rhetoric. The stupider the one saying it looks. Period. 

Are we really so scared the Lord cannot lead His church that we are taking over for him? It sounds like it’s time for a little game called “let’s replace fear with faith.” Here’s the only rule: stay out of the Lord’s business. And I don’t mean we can’t ask Him “why”or “if” there is change needed! Each person, every single one ever created, is His business. We don’t need to worry about how He parents His children.

If you believe the Lord has called you to agitate for change, then do it. If you believe the Lord has called you to pass judgement on your sister, then you are delusional and probably need some help. Just stay in your own playground and be quiet. In our family we have a saying, “Give yourself enough time before speaking so that you won’t have to regret what comes out.” Certainly, at some point, there will be regret for the garbage being thrown around cloaked in the guise of righteousness. Regret isn’t so fun.

How about we choose the Lord’s side and not try to tell anyone else they aren’t on it. Hopefully we are a smidge past picking teams based on popularity and being “liked.”

It sounds less like something that needs to be endlessly droned on about with vitriol and an air of passing judgement, and more like a lack of faith. That is a personal issue, to be dealt with quietly. Even silently.

Just stop it already. I am ashamed at how we are treating each other.