Roll-over goals. I've talked about them — and about how I don't want them to be part of my life. Alas, some of them are —  again — this year. Of my eight main-level goals for 2011, I completed six. Here are the goals I accomplished:
Goals 2012

  • Create educational schedules for January–June. (And June–December, I might add.)
  • Plan Jessica's wedding. (As if I could have stopped the wedding by refusing to plan.)
  • Enter all data and year end adjustments for business accounts.
  • Buy furniture for main rooms in the house.
  • Plan Primary music lessons a week ahead. (At least most some of the time.)
  • I had planned to complete a PHP course “for fun” (I know, I'm amused by odd things), but changed my mind. Instead we made a list of family summer activities and worked through as many as we could.

I'm not disgusted with myself, but 75% is a solid C grade. Not what I'm going for.

To be fair, I did complete a number of goals that weren't listed, including some gargantuan ones — like move my dad in with us, clean out the house I grew up in and he lived in for 43 years almost single-handedly, and sell his house. None of those were on the agenda when 2011 began and we have to be ready (and willing) to deal with unexpected life circumstances. But I'd still like to get better at identifying the things that are most important to me and not getting sidetracked by other good — but less important — things.

We do what we really want to do. Our life is a testament to what we really, truly, deeply value. If you spend 52 hours watching reality TV (one 1-hour show per week), then watching reality TV is more important — to you — than anything else you could do with those 52 hours. Your choices prove that.

Think about that opportunity cost next time you decide to turn on the TV — or do anything else with your precious time.

Without further ado, below are my starting line goals for 2012 in each of the eight areas of focus. Let this be the year of 100% completion!

Please share some of your own goals and tell us how you'll accomplish them!

For Mind

Read six American history books.

For Body

Lose 45 pounds.

For Spirit

Stop cursing 100%.

For Love

Go to bed by 11:00 pm every weeknight.

For Money

Finish 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers book.

For Home

Organize storage room.

For Good

Plan full year of Relief Society meetings.

For Fun

Take a ballroom dance course with Sam.

Share your resolutions!