LDS Seminary Worth the EffortYesterday I created a post about an LDS seminary problem that came up, once again, in a child's class.

I prefaced the discussion with my glowing praise of seminary. With 26 years of seminary experience under our belts, we have had an overwhelmingly positive overall experience.

One of the comments by someone using the moniker “A Turtle Named Mack” said this:

I have nothing but respect for those who accept a call to teach Seminary – I surely would not do it. I’m not sure I can support my kid getting up extra early (along with at least one parent), sacrificing sleep and a decent breakfast, and dragging herself into school at the bell, if I just have to re-teach it all, later. Of course, I’m hopeful that I get a chance to re-teach her. Who knows what she’s been taught that I’m not aware of. I’m thinking that Allison was lucky to be able to have a discussion with her daughter. The other kids who were there may carry the belief with them for years. Is this cause to weep for the future?

Did you attend seminary? Have your kids attended? What was their overall experience? Was it worth the effort? Did you have any doctrinal or other problems? How did you address them?