Narrator: Life has it's challenges.

Actress 1: Every morning I bring my son to school and I rush off to a breakfast meeting. By the time I come home, he's asleep.

Narrator: But there's one thing that helps you keep it together.

Actor (husband of actress): You have no idea how proud I am of you.

Narrator: From the writer of Sex in the City, having it all means not having to do it alone.

Actress 2 (friend of Actress 1): You are an extraordinary person.

Narrator: Brooke Shields in Lipstick Jungle premiers Thursday, ten, nine central on NBC.


This commercial promoting another, insipid television show, filled to the brim with self-centered adults made we want to gag.

The spot shows one quick shot of the mom (played by actress Brooke Shields) with her son on her lap and at dinner, the rest are of her at work, her getting nasty with her (presumed) husband, her out with friends, her doing her thing.

Yea, she never sees her kid. But she's extraordinary and her man is proud.

No, she's not doing it alone. Her son is.

When will our society see that children do not exist so that we can, finally, have it all? Maybe parents are supposed to exist so that children can have all they need.

Thumbs down to Shields and the whole crew. Golly, I expected so much more from the producers of such fine family entertainment.