December IdeasWith Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to point you to some fun, family things you can do this month that I've written about in the past. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant

Yes, we'll be doing this again on Christmas Eve. Although we're considering a variation for the first time ever. If they kids are interested, we might be trying it with hand puppets. We'll see if the idea sounds as fun to the kids.

Shepherd's Feast

Our simple, Christmas Eve meal is always fun. This year, we'll head to Winco and load up on fun foods in their enormous bulk foods section. So many choices will make it ever better than before.

Christmas Tree French Toast

We eat this on Christmas Eve morning, but it would be a great Christmas morning treat, too.

Crockpot Hot Wassail

This delicious, slightly tangy drink warms you up to the core. Delicious!

Best Toys

Still looking for the perfect toy for the girl or boy on the nice list? Check out our all-time favorite toys. Still running strong!

Best Gifts

Check out more great gift ideas.

Post Cyber Monday Deals

There are still some great deals to be had. Look for quick shipping! My all-time favorite place to shop is Amazon and with Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping is free on thousands of items.

Christmas Cookbook

This fabulously fun cookbook is a great addition to any home. And you can still get it in time for the big morning!

Holiday Chocolate Pretzel Yums

Our standard neighbor gift was a hit again. We drove around Sunday night, belting out carols and delivering the goods. These are easy and fabulous.

Triple Chocolate Orange Milkshakes

Maybe it's cold outside, but drink up a glass of love in front of the fire and you'll feel toasty. Christmas in a frosty glass. Yum.

College Finals Survival Kits

We finally finished our finals late Friday. And, of course, my college kids all got a basket of goodies to keep them going. Hopefully no one in your family is still cranking out the tests, but if so, here's a bit of relief.

7 Christmas Advent Calendars

It's late for this year, I know. But check out the great ideas and pack them away for next year.