From the time we were newlywed college students living below the poverty level (is that the bottom one percent?) to today, when we're a tad more financially stable, Sam and I have been staunch conservatives. When we stood to get lots of handouts from government entitlements, we still voted against them. For us conservativism and small government are about principle.

In his book Who Really Cares, Arthur Brooks cites data that shows that conservatives give 30 percent more than liberals to charitable causes. A Google study, increased that discrepancy to 50 percent. The culture of “bleeding heart tightwads” is well documented. These findings mirror my personal (and admittedly anecdotal) experience.

Because of this, it has been baffling to me that liberals continue to claim — and to be believed when they claim — that progressives “care about the poor,” while conservatives are greedy and heartless.

Sam and I have spent scores of date nights and anniversary trips discussing politics, morals, and ethics — including that particular topic. Over the years, we've come to some conclusions. This year, celebrating our 27 years together, we took a retreat to a Provo hotel to write out some of our thoughts.

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GAGA: The Insidiousness of Assuaging Guilt with Government