By Arden Ott, age 16

I have a few thoughts that need to be expressed. I hope that a lot of my friends will get to read what I'm going to write, and take something away from it. I'm going to talk about girls. That's right, those amazing, beautiful, mysterious creatures that all of us men have the pleasure of interacting with on a daily (hopefully) basis. I would like to tell all of them some of my opinions, some of which you might not agree with. With no further ado:

Girls, us guys understand that many of you read those “fashion” magazines, and you often dress and act in accordance to what they say. Now let me tell you, this is of course not a bad thing. We love when you look great, and it makes us want to talk to you more. My plea is that you don't take this too seriously. My sister has watched enough Barbie movies, and I've seen far to many, that I can decide that Barbie is not all that attractive. She just, isn't. That's a bit of an extreme example, but you get my point. Just remember that all pictures can be photo-shopped, all faces can be fake, and all make up is not always good.

On the topic of looking good, please, please, please be modest. Really. Some guys may be into that “slutty-girl” stuff, but I can assure that many boys, as well as myself, are not. It's hard to talk to a girl when she's trying to flaunt her body to the world, and personally, I think it's just awkward. If you want us to look at your face, don't give us a reason to look anywhere else!

Now let me delve into the other side of the spectrum. Make-up. A little is perfect. Covering your face in so much stuff that you don't even look like you anymore is pointless! I know that you can't enjoy it when you're walking around with half a pound of gunk on your cheeks, and most of us guys don't think it's all that great, either.

While I'm over here, look, you don't need to be the most fashionable girl in school everyday. Sweats and ponytails are fine. We don't care as much as you think we do. I wouldn't say to do it everyday, but there's no problem with it here or there.

That's about it on fashion, so now we're on to personality. Trust me here, this is far more important than the way you dress, any day. The truth is, a genuine, happy, funny girl will make any guy happier than a girl who knows what to wear.

For me, a girl's smile is her greatest weapon. When a cute girl smiles, I melt. I see girls everyday who seem like they hate the world, and they walk around everywhere with a massive frown on their face and the worst attitude they can have. A girl walking down the hall with a beaming smile, laughing with her friends, seems to glow.

Major turn-off: swearing. It's a nasty, disgusting, vulgar habit that no woman (or man) should ever pick up. Why would you do it? All it shows is a lack of otherwise creative vocabulary, and furthermore, a lack of respect. Not only to others, but to you yourself. When you swear, you show that you don't care about the way people view you, and you're just trying to be “cool.” I can assure you, it is quite the opposite.

When guys are around, talk to us! We love it when you say “hi,” or “hey” when you see us. Not every single one of us is brave enough to go up and talk to you, usually because you're so attractive. When you talk first, it breaks the ice, and we're far more likely to talk back. We might have lame jokes, but we love it when you laugh at them. (Don't worry, we try to laugh at yours, too.)

I hope that some of the stuff that I said in here might have some effect on some of you girls out there. Just know that not all guys feel the same way I do, and this by no means describes a perfect girl. Perfect is not achievable, but we can all work towards it.:) If you have any comments, please leave them, I would love to hear your opinions. 🙂