Guest Post by Shelly Garcia

My dear friend, Krista, and her husband, Phil, are expecting their first child in September. After trying many times, shedding many tears of a “negative” pregnancy test, they are finally going to become parents. They are going to make wonderful, loving parents and I couldn't be happier for them. Krista is still in the “shock” state and she's very anxious, nervous, excited, and scared. She's being very cautious as what “not” to do or eat. I can't blame her for being so cautious- I would do the same; especially knowing her history of endometriosis.

With that being said, I want to give her (and Phil, if he's willing to come) a baby shower. I've asked a mutual friend if she thought it was good idea and if she had any suggestions as to where we would should have it held. September is still a few months away and we still don't know whether she's having a boy or girl, so we don't want to buy any party supplies just yet or make a reservation at a restaurant.

I have bought a couple of things for Krista and the baby, unisex items, of course, but I am really excited to know what she's going to have. Although I haven't bought much yet, I always look at the baby section when I'm shopping, just to get some ideas. I have also been searching for unique websites that offer different types of gift ideas for showers. I was lucky enough to find a place that has all kinds of gift baskets…from baby shower baskets to wedding shower baskets to New York Yankee baskets. I said I wanted unique, and I guess I found it with
that website.

I am looking forward to holding this shower for Krista. I am still debating whether I want it to be a surprise shower or one in which she's involved in the planning. She is a very emotional woman, even without the raging hormones, so I know that she will be overwhelmed with tears no matter what we decide.