Guest post from: Bruno Smith

I remember so clearly when I was a kid, one of our favorite family traditions was to watch all the different Charlie Brown episodes during the holidays on TV. I remember it was like this big deal where we would get to eat dinner in the living room on a blanket and watch the show all together. It was a treat we shared, and one we all looked forward to every year.

Halloween is next week and I’m wondering if they still show The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown show on tv like they used to. I’m going to look at to see if I can find a listing for it and see if my wife would like to do a similar thing with our children.

I think traditions are important, and I’d like to share this one with the kids if it’s still around on TV for us to watch. I could probably also get the DVDs on Amazon, and then we’d own them and could watch them every year at our convenience.