I am under no illusion that I have to introduce anyone to Legos. But it's impossible to write a “best toys” series without including them. So here is my obligatory “Legos are awesome” post.

Best Toys Legos

We started almost 22 years ago with our first set of giant, age-appropriate Duplo blocks. But because we had a toddler in the house for the next 19 years, I was paranoid about moving to the tiny choking-hazard version. But over the years we accumulated a nice-sized container of the big guys.

Finally, just a few months ago, our two boys (then eight and five) earned the money for two identical lego sets—and thereby opened a whole new world of wonder. Our 11-year-old daughter (and even the teenagers) were not lost on the new-found joy, either. And she got  a big box of girlie pink Legos for her 12th birthday.

Now that we've finally joined the serious Lego culture we can easily see why Legos are classics. Durable, expandable, creative—endless fun. Get some!