Another Mormon Wedding

When we lived in Boca Raton, Florida, and I made my way around town with my (then) four young daughters in tow, I was always greeted by one of two things:

What until they are teenagers!


Oh, the weddings! The weddings!

And, seriously, you've got to use your best New York accent to really get the feel for this.

At the time I got really annoyed. These were also the same people who could not fathom that anyone would want o have more then two children, so they always spoke with certainly when they nodded and said, “Oh, going for the boy.” But, if nothing else, they were right about the weddings.

Our last wedding was in 2011, when our oldest daughter, Jessica, married Chuck. On September 27, our third daughter, Alana, became engaged to her boyfriend of a year and half, Jared. 

The announcement was not unexpected. Following tradition, the groom-to-be asked for our permission in advance. What surprised us — completely — was that they wanted to get married in December. Less than three months away.

While it's true that Mormon engagements do not tend to be the years-long affairs we often see — remember, Mormons are supposed to refrain from sex until married, cough, cough — we did hope for at least four months to plan the blessed event. But it was not to be.

As you can imagine, the past couple of weeks have been a veritable whirlwind of planning and preparation, complicated by some rather unconventional decisions by the bride (details to come).

For now, suffice it to say, I'm losing my mind. Your prayers are appreciated.