WeathervaneI love weathervanes. Especially rooftop weathervanes attached to the top of a cupola. And I've been trying for months to figure out how to include one on our craftsman style home, even though it seems an abrupt contrast to the design. They are just so cool!

You can use a weathervane to accentuate the peak of a roofline on your home. They are particularly suited for ranch style homes. Also consider the top of a garage, barn, or shed as an accent point. I've been considering including a gazebo in the back yard. I think this would be a perfect place to include a copper weather vane (my favorite). Another option is to simply use a pole-mounted weathervane in a garden.

When you're designing the exterior of your custom home, keep the architectural style in mind, but don't forget to keep your style in mind as well. If you love garden weathervanes, picket fences, red brick, cobblestone, covered porches — whatever your dream — figure out a way to include it in your dream home.

When it comes to weathervanes, you have myriad to choose one. One is sure to fit your style and aesthetic. You can get a copper weathervane, or an aluminum one. They can be painted, natural metal, and even enhanced with stained glass! You can get weathervanes that are 24 inches across or move all the way to 46 inches! You can choose designs meant for your rooftop or those meant for your garden. You can choose a mount to fit any design or location you can imagine.

Best of all, you have scads of amazing design choices. Some possibilities include:

  • Animals (birds, farm animals, marine life, etc.)
  • Arrows (simple to very intricate)
  • Celestial (moon and stars)
  • Mythical (witches, gargoyles, angels, etc.)
  • Occupation (firemen, cowboys, etc.)
  • Plants (trees, pineapple, etc.)
  • Sports (golf, hunting, bull riding)
  • Other (flags, lighthouses, etc.)

Weathervanes are another way to add personality and style to your custom dream home, by carefully selecting a detailed decor element that sets your home apart.