I've always been baffled at “pro-choice” activist. In the same breath that they promote awesome “choice” in sucking babies into pieces, they decry those who would commit the horrid, unthinkable act of displaying photos of the atrocities committed by abortionists.

So is it a mass of tissue or is it arms, legs, hands, and heads?

Truth: it is offensive, because it's the latter. But it's problematic to play both sides of the issue simultaneously.

So, why am I promoting this horrifying and explicit video? Probably for the same reason the pro-life advocates expose horrifying photos of aborted babies. Because those who promote and defend the status quo, should — at very least — be willing so see what the status quo really calls for.

To be clear, this nasty video doesn't approach the horror meted out on innocent babies in the name of “reproductive choice.” But the principle applies.

You have to see just how reprehensible these 8th graders (!) from Greece Athena Middle School (in New York) treated this elderly bus monitor, Karen Klein, to really understand the severe need for a change of direction. A simple description of “teasing” or “bullying” don't cut it. A bleeped out version of the incident, would be left with virtually nothing.

These boys should be expelled and arrested. And their parents should publicly answer for what kind a refuse they are raising.