Top Blog 20102010 was a year of growth for Pix2Brix. Your support has meant a great deal and I've enjoyed the interaction with you, both in the comments, through social media, and with direct contact. We hope your support continues in 2011!

Below are the 20 posts with the highest number of views during the past year.

#1 7 Christmas Advent Calendars

I love how this post is only one month old, but shot to the top of the charts, at least as far as hits are concerned. It's a compilation of the seven advent calendars I posted for Christmas. Got a number of good, natural links to this. Thanks, friends!

#2 Craftsman-Style Custom Home

This post is over two years old! But craftsman style homes are popular and, apparently, lots of folks are looking for information about them.

#3 The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

This post was written in March of 2009, but it still pulls in a lot of traffic. Now that the faucet is installed and I'm using it every day, I have to reiterate that it's an utterly fabulous find. Looks great; works even better.

#4 See the Back of Your Head: Hinged Bathroom Mirrors

This is a post — with a video included — intended to help our cabinet makers envision what we wanted in the majority of our bathrooms. I can't wait to do the followup post showing the results. They are amazing!

#5 Delta Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucet

This post was written as a contest entry for a friend's blog. A fun surprise to find how much traffic it pulled!

#6 Best Home Water Conditioner

The jury is still out on whether our selection for best water conditioner really performs, but the company is trying to resolve the problems. They are sending out a new, more powerful, cartridge. Seems lots of folks are looking into systems — probably because they are just as tired of lugging salt as we were!

#7 Best Toys: Quercetti Marble Run

I was rather surprised to see this at the top of the “Best Toys” series with regard to traffic. It hasn't been the best converter — meaning that it isn't the toy most people actually buy. (The highest sellers are actually Qwirkle and Curses, from the educational family games post.) But it's a close third if you include the variations that were purchased. It's still on our best toys list. Love it.

#8 Pure Modern American Craftsman Home

This post compares our home with traditional craftsman. Unfortunately, it fell victim to the WordPress comment bug of 2010 (still unresolved, if you want to know) that automatically (and annoyingly) closes posts comments on its own. They are open again (at least as of this writing), if you want to throw this post some comment love!

#9 Tween Bedding Set

This post is another late bloomer. Posted in September of 2009, it came to life in 2010. I'll have to do a follow up to show Monica's room now that it's done. Darling! Frankly, it's even better than the model! (By the way, she's actually an official teen now, but she still loves it.)

#10 Character of Christ Christmas Advent Calendar

This was our most popular, single advent calendar. Another that was posted only a month ago, but was very popular.

#11 10 Stupid Reasons to Attend Public School

Look, we've been homeschooling for approaching two decades. I speak at national homeschooling conferences. I've heard it all. I don't care where you educate your kids, but please don't give me idiotic reasoning for using the public schools. (And, yes, you should watch the video!)

#12 8 Cool Features for Your Next Custom Home

This post was comprised of reader contributions. Many really great ideas!

#13 Best Toys: 60 Educational Family Games

This is a fabulous list of the most highly recommended educational games. It's organized alphabetically with my personal favorites in bold. And, yes, we got a bunch of them (and some new ones,  too) for Christmas this year.

#14 Scripture Christmas Advent Calendar

I admit it, I had no idea how popular the advent calendars would be. I've had a pile of them in my files, just waiting to share them. This was the year. I'm glad you liked them!

#15 The Best Blender

Another early 2009 post that just kept on chugging. Yes, I really do use the Vita-Mix. And, yes, I really love it.

#16 Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Yes, another advent calendar in the top rankings! This is the one we did this year. The kids really looked forward to it. Today during our daily devotional, Samson even asked if we could draw more pictures, as we had all month. We'll certainly do another one next Christmas.

#17 Magnetic Wristbands and Tool Belts

I'm not really a tool gal, but this caught my eye at a time when we were waiting and waiting (and waiting) for something to happen on the house. Pretty cool idea.

#18 Laundry Room Faucet

Except for the fact that our inept plumber messed up the installation, we are very pleased with these faucets. We have one in the laundry room and one in the kitchenette. (We scaled down the office break room so it no longer has a dedicated sink.) Perfect.

#19 French Drains Protect Basement

Probably the most boring post I've every written in my eight years (on Saturday!) of blogging. Seriously. There's just not much to write about in the beginning stages of winter building with a micro-speed crew. I guess other people building custom homes are just as bored as I was.

#20 Ready for Cabinet Bids

Last March I posted for bids on cabinets. Choosing a cabinet maker was a very hard decision. If you're wondering, I haven't reported on it yet — because they aren't done. Yes, it's true. We moved in in October, it's now January, and the cabinets still aren't completed. Yes, it hurts.

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