For years I've been teaching organization seminars at conferences and conventions. One of the things I'm often asked is how I can do all the things I do. The question derives, I think, from two things:

  • I choose not to do lots of things most people do
  • I choose to keep very busy

Time Bending for Mormons

I have a real life friend who is also selective, busy, and entrepreneurial. Molly Christensen is a former Mormon Momma author. She is a homeschooling mom of seven (ages 3–20) who graduated from BYU in mechanical engineering. She has founded homeschool co-ops, taught classes (leadership, Latin, science, math, ACT prep, etc.), and dealt with familial food allergies. She currently co-mentors the Building Heroes Academy and blogs at Mentor Your Kids. (She's offering some adult training courses that look really great.)

I love to learn new things and new techniques — particularly with regard to productivity — so this morning I attended a webinar she offered on time management. It was titled Use Your Super Powers: Time-Bending Webinar. Below are some thoughtful ideas that were particularly helpful to me. I'm not going to write a dissertation about them, just present them for consideration. Perhaps they will be useful to you as well. 

 Four Keys to Better Use of Time

Physically Energized — caring for your body through healthy eating, adequate sleep, and correct relaxation

Mentally Focused — focus on what your heart desires (and know what that is)

Emotionally Connected — aware of negativity and able to return to positive

Spiritually Aligned — vision of who you are as a child of God and who you want to become

How God Magnifies Our Time When We Are Obedient

  1. He has given my mind clarity so I can do a task much more quickly than I otherwise would (such as writing a webinar or training program).
  2. He has made tasks seems to go faster (especially ones I do not like).
  3. He has brought tasks to remembrance that I need to do, but  keep forgetting to do.
  4. He has helped me see things differently so that I don't get stressed out.
  5. He has expanded my capacity to do things beyond what I already believed I could do.
  6. He has given me extra resources and helped to take care of my responsibilities (yes, once he sent me a lady to prepare all my dinners for two weeks—for free!).
  7. He has helped me see that I don't have to do everything all by myself, even if I am perfectly capable of the task.  I can now allow others to help me whether through service, trade, or payment.
  8. He has helped me see that some things that are on my list I don't even have to do.
  9. He has shown me that he wants to bless me when I prioritize doing what he says first.
  10. He has sent encouragement by having people show up at the right time to tell me something I've needed to hear so I can stay motivated to keep doing what he wants me to do. 
  11. He has changed my heart to believe in others and see their goodness rather than to complain about how they aren't helping me complete my to do list.
  12. He has taught me that he will never give me more than I can handle, so when negative rationalization or fear enters in my mind, I can believe that if God asked me to do it, He will show me the way and I can do it.

What are your time management tricks? How has God helped you make better use of your 24 hours per day?