Single Garage FloorYesterday the concrete in the third bay in the single garage was poured. I saw one guy smoothing it yesterday afternoon. Looks very nice and, as far as I could tell from a cursory look, no one walked through it.

They also scored the concrete in the larger garage area earlier in the day. Cutting into the concrete this way give the floor room to move and expand. This helps prevent cracking in the concrete.

This morning a guy spend a little time scraping out the patio area, but nothing else is going on. The crew has been working on another job, so we're in a slow mode.

The owner's of the house we are renting keep asking how long we will be here. They are looking to move back in. Originally the target was May. Don't know what a reasonable estimate is now. We lost most of July — with good weather — and then had inordinate amounts of snow and rain. Now we're on the back burner. Hope thing can really get cranking next week.