Shaggy RugsIn the 1970s, my best friend had a shag carpet in her bedroom. I was beyond jealous. I had dreamed of a shag rug — mixed yellow and spring green, to be exact — for my gorgeous new bedroom. But it wasn't happening. My mother was just way to practical to put one of those “dirt catchers” anywhere in our home.

Fast forward 15 years. Shag was cliché. It was so-two-decades-ago. It was hippie, ugly, dated.

Fast forward 15 years. Shag is soft and cushy and comfortable. It's chic and sink-your-toes-in luxurious. I admit, I've fallen for it, again. And in a home with all poured concrete floors, throwing in some under-the-foot comfort is even more important than usual.

A number of months ago, we purchased a wonderful brown rug for the family room. It looked fabulous and added some needed contrast and interest to a fairly neutral room. Unfortunately, it just wasn't big enough to work well in the room. So we moved that rug to the theater — where it was a perfect fit — and began to hunt for the perfect family room rug.

In addition, we still needed rugs for the library and master bedroom.

Ultimately, we found thick, soft, colorful shaggy rugs for the library and family room. They are so inviting. They define the space and really complete the room.

If your rooms have hard floors — wood, tile, cement — consider adding the comfort and texture of a beautiful shaggy rugs. They add style and comfort like nothing else.