Building a custom home is a huge undertaking. If you plan to dive into the process, I strongly suggest you start with a sound financial footing, strong marriage, and robust health. No matter how you slice it, this project is going to try all three and the better you start out, the less stressful the process will be.

Before you can dig a single shovel of dirt, you're going to have to work out financing. And unless you are independently wealthy, that means obtaining a mortgage.

Recently a friend told me she was looking for a phoenix mortgage broker to begin the qualifying process. While we tend to take a do-it-yourself approach to most things — this is one area where we were happy to have an expert both times we built.

So, what might phoenix mortgage brokers offer my friend? The same things we got from our Utah broker.

First, a mortgage broker assesses the programs offered by a variety of lenders, including major banks, trust companies, credit unions, and finance companies.

Second, they work for you, not for the lender. You get straight up information, tailored to your situation.

Third, the broker knew how to navigate an unusual loan situation. We wanted a jumbo construction loan with a one-time close to lock in the interest rate. Not every institution offered that, but our broker knew were to go.

Fourth, with two jumbo construction mortgages under out belts, we've never actually met our broker in person. He did all the work and made all the arrangements by phone and email. No driving and meeting and running around.

If you're ready to make your dream of home ownership a reality — whether through buying an existing home, building with a developer, or going full out custom, like we did — and need a mortgage, check out reputable mortgage brokers phoenix or a city near you. Their expertise can save you time and money.