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Rain Chains

Rain ChainsEvery time Sam and I went to a home show (and we went to far more than he’d care to remember!), I looked at a booth displaying copper rain gutters and accessories. Watching rain run down a verdigrised chain, draping from the roof to the ground, was far more romantic than a rusty old downspout.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what those contraptions were called back then. When I asked the gutter man if we could get a chain or hanging cups instead of a downspout, I got that blank stare that says, “Woman, what are you talking about?” So, alas, our new home sports the typical rain gutter and the typical downspout. Functional, but boring.

Today I found a site that specializes in these — are you ready? — rain chains. They carry all sorts of products you probably didn’t know existed, but will want when you see them! They come in aluminum, iron, copper, verdigrised copper, and stainless. Some examples:

  • Chain link chains – multiple designs, including bamboo links, single and double links and other variatsion
  • Chain cups -with floral and arts and crafts designs, as well as whimsical umbrellas, acorns, and others
  • Chain leaders – top off your chain with a watering can or teapot
  • Basins – add a catch basin at the bottom of your chain to add some style

Rain chain are definitely an upgrade on my someday list. It turns out watching chains rain really is more romantic than hearing it clang down a pipe.

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  • Leah September 15, 2011, 12:51 pm

    Rain chains? Wow, I definitely didn’t know about these before, but you’re right – they look a lot better than the traditional rain gutter/spout contraptions you see on most houses. This is an upgrade that’s going on my list, too!

  • DiNaRa September 17, 2011, 11:23 am

    I think it looks gorgeous and very stylish to have such chains instead of usual drains.

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