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Lifestyle design is all about living the life you want. For many of us, that means creating a muse and owning a business. I started my first business in 1987 and my husband started his first in 1996. Some people think owning a business is romantic and other's think it's an impossible dream. The truth is, it's hard work and risk — with possible commensurate rewards.

Technology is a huge segment of almost any business. And for those businesses that aren't using modern technology, they are likely missing out on a big piece of market share. It's simply a way of life in America. But the responsibilities and maintenance and costs associate with the technology grows right along with the benefits.

With minimal cost, you can get proven, reliable protection for your computers. Email, chat, and use the internet safely. Use online sources (like bank accounts) with protection. Dowloadnbsp;without risk. Keep your computer free of viruses and malware that slow your computer to a crawl and damage your files. Have all your important files backed up and preserved in case of hard drive failure. All these features can be provided easily with Norton Small Business by Symantec. This fall they launched the Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012, two tools helpful to small businesses.

If you're using your spare time to build a business — creating the life you dream of — the last thing you need is to experience the devastation and setback of a serious computer problem. As you move forward, make sure you have the needed internet protection and utilities to keep your files safe. You can get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now. Create the package that is just right for your business and your future life.

What Norton products do you think would be most useful for your family or business?

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