Preventative Maintenance HVACThis summer my daughter is singing in a Broadway show at Lagoon, an amusement park in our state. She works six days and performs 18 shows per week. All summer long.

For a music dance theater major it's kind of a dream job. I mean, you're getting paid to sing and dance and have people applaud, right? And you get to wear sequins. So what could possibly not be awesome about that?

In addition to the commute, the only real downside to the job is weather. It is the middle of summer and the theater is outdoors.

A couple of days this week we hit 103 degrees. And, of course, those days happened to coincide with the employee family discount days.


So on Wednesday, we packed up the SUV and headed to Farmington with massive amounts of sunscreen, all white clothing, and the understanding that we were going to positively bake in the sun.

And it was all worth it to see an amazing kid do her thing.

But getting back in the car and finally feeling that cool breeze on our faces was a relief.

After living in sub-tropical south Florida for a decade, I became most baffled at how anyone could survive summers back in the days before central cooling. The heat and humidity were stifling. Mostly, it made we want to lie down and melt. I was tired, sweaty, and uncomfortable — and certainly not energetic or motivated to do anything.

With record breaking heat this week, you want to make sure your air conditioners are in top working order. The last thing you need is to find yourself trying to work in a swamp.

We make it a habit to get a checkup for our entire HVAC system every spring. If you have a unit, call a technician and make an appointment — before you have problems.

Ordering service that may be needed before you're in a crisis situation is less stressful and often even less expensive.

Keep cool for the rest of the summer by practicing preventative maintenance on your important home systems. You'll be glad you did when the heat wave comes through your neighborhood!