After grinding through subcontractor after subcontractor — and wishing we had personally done the footwork on some subs selected by our general contractor — choosing a painter for our home was a breeze. Maybe it's just the nature of painters (are they always just easy going and generally positive?), but it wasn't painful at all.

We choose Cornerstone Custom Painting after working with owner Brian Draney on the bid. He was the most professional and responsive of all the painters we spoke to. His bids included references without having to request them. Brian also worked in all our odd rebid requests to get the quality (and colors!) we wanted in the budget we needed.

He will begin work next week. We are going to finalize the colors today. I am very excited to see the colors on the walls! We love color!

Other Painters

Thanks also to the other painters who bid on the project. Their ideas and expertise are appreciated.

Premier Painting

Donnie Bristow would be wonderful to work with. Helpful, open, and friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him based on my time with him. Contact Donnie by calling 801.520.6175.

Birdseye Painting

Similarly, Dan Draper was courteous and helpful. He was early to the appointment and thorough with his estimate. Worth considering! You can reach Dan at 801.368.6193.

College Works

Some months ago we got a flyer from College Works. It's a program that provides a business management internship for young people. The student who gave us a bid was a really nice guy. Unfortunately, the initial verbal estimate he gave was far below the written bid. Worse, the written bid was only for a single color coat. When all was said and done, his two-coat bid wasn't very competitive.

Finishline Painting

Weirdest bid experience ever. I arrived at the home to meet Sam Million for a walk-through. After about 15 minutes I called him. He had forgotten about the appointment but said he'd be right over. I waited for him. He was pleasant and helpful. He said he'd send a bid later that evening. When I hadn't heard from him a couple of days later, I called. He said he thought he sent the bid, but would send it again. I never heard from him.