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Save Money with Online Coupons

Building a custom home has meant a constant stream of purchases. Almost daily I’m swamped with parts and pieces to select and order. After a while it loses its charm, but the goal has always been to get the most for our money. One of the ways we did this was to purchase most of the materials online rather than through our subs. We bought bathroom hardware, cabinet hardware even major appliances through reputable internet sites.

Recently a lighting wholesaler told my general that it was stupid to buy home products online. Really? Well, I’m laughing all the way to the bank, buddy. We got many times more for the same money by purchasing online.

One of the methods I used repeatedly to save money was to look for coupon savings on discount sites. Once I found the product I wanted, I looked for two or three lowest prices, then I looked for a coupon to pull in some extra savings. Sometimes I got a percentage discount (even 20% on my entire purchase), sometimes it was a set dollar amount (such as $10 off a purchase of $100 or more). A few times I got free shipping or a free product thrown in.

I found discounts on lighting, appliances, plumbing, and furniture, but this method works on just about any product. You can find savings on beauty or pet supplies. You can get online discounts at home improvement stores. If you travel you can find Orbitz coupons or if you’re looking for a new computer, try out some Dell coupons.

No matter what you are looking for, take a few minutes before you click the checkout button to see if you can find a coupon or two that will apply to your purchase. It’s a great way to stretch your dollars.

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