Obamacare and the Decline of Basic Arithmetic SkillsSince Obamacare was first a gleam in the eye of every progressive trying to buy votes, I've been trying to get people to understand math — and insurance.

  • Insurance is a way to pool risk.
  • Risk assessment is based on actuarial tables that come from historic averages.
  • Providing health care for everyone (regardless of preexisting conditions, lifestyle, etc.) is going to cause healthcare costs to “necessarily skyrocket” — for those who actually pay for healthcare — and it's not insurance.

If you think Obamacare is a good idea, you shoudl be willing to give me an insurance policy for the car I wrecked five years ago and for the house that burned down when my husband was a kid.

I'll be waiting for your contact info in the comments.

We struggle in this country that — on the right and on the left — that if you think your cause is big enough that you're exempt from doing math.

You're not excempt from math if you're a democrat; you're not exempt from math if you're a republican; you're not exempt from math if you're a liberal; and you're not exempt from math if you're a conservative. You still have to do math.

And anyone who can do math can tell — anybody that knows the basic business premises of something like a social security system, the basic things that are laid out there, or something like the tenets of Obamacare, the processes that are being put in place there — it's fairly easy to surmise with critical thought what's going to occur.

You just have to be intellectually honest enough to do critical thought and look at it, regardless of your political leanings. And you have to pull your head far enough out of your politics to actually  have an original thought.