On the eve of Halloween, the scariest thing going is Barack Obama.

You all know I can't stand McCain. Not only is he not conservative but he's wrong on issues about as often as he's right. And his skanky “love story” of chasing his ages younger wife-to-be around a party when he already had a wife-that-was with kids at home makes me want to wretch.

All things considered, I've been agonizing over my vote for months. I still don't know what to do. I've never considered Obama a viable option, either, due to ?well ?just about every position he has every taken on every issue and due to his calculated lack of position on most things controversial. (Voting “present” is simply a calculated move to avoid taking a stand. Not a good characteristic for the leader of the free world.)

The choices, to me, have always been:

  1. Write in a vote (protest vote)
  2. Vote for a 3rd party (protest vote)
  3. Vote for McCain while holding my nose and downing Tums (vote against Obama)

The latter becomes more palatable, the more I learn about Obama. All the rhetoric and name-calling aside, I sincerely think Obama qualifies as a socialist.

The really scary thing about socialism, to me, is not “spreading the wealth around” as Obama has declared he will do. It is that by taking wages (“wealth” in Obama-speak) from those who actually earn those wages and giving them to those who do not earn them he is buying votes. And when he buys those votes, he buys power.

By using Karl Marx as the model (“From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need.”), he buys his way into position. And then, what does he do with that position? He entrenches himself.

For heaven's sake, look at history. Where does such a system ultimately lead?

Here are the competing values:

“If you elect me, I will give you the freedom to work hard and make a life for yourself.”

“If you elect me, you get freebies!”

Unfortunately, more and more Americans are leaning toward the latter. By doing so we are all enslaved.