A few years ago, when I lived in Eagle Mountain (aka: The Quirky Burg, Waldenville, and Idiot Voterville), a guy was convicted for sexually abusing his teenage stepdaughter. When he was released from prison and ignoring a court-issued restraining order the mother (!!!) brought the perp back into her home where the victim still lived.

It was more important to her that she had a bed partner than that she protect her daughter.

At the same time, the perp served as a coach for the Eagle Mountain city league girls' soccer. He had no assistant coach and no supervision. The mother never spoke up about possible problems with him coaching young tween and teen girls.

It was more important for her to have a bed partner than to protect a big bunch of young girls.

Within a short time, the perp drove to Willowcreek Middle School, checked his 13-year-old stepdaughter out, took her home, and raped her. Then he got in his car, drove to State Road 73, and rammed his car in to an oncoming cement mixer. He died instantly.

How did the woman's ward respond to this incident? They redecorated the mother's house.

I'm all for compassion and love and helping those in need. But are you serious? How about some compassion and love and care for the children that this woman ignored to serve her own “needs”?

There is sometimes an odd, misplaced sense of “being nice” among Mormons. We want to be sweet and gentle and cheery and happy, even while really awful things are happening. And we seem to do so without the acknowledgment that sometimes the appearance of “niceness” means ignoring serious issues.

When we ignore serious issues, there are awful real victims that aren't being protected. In this case it was the children. Rather than redecorating the mother's home, the ward should have redecorated the daughter's room in a house far away from her mother.