New Year's Resolutions 2011In a perfect world, this post would have been published on January 1. But it's not. And it wasn't. I can say, however, that I've been working on this year's resolutions using my goal setting system since New Year's Day. It's a process that takes some time and introspection and creating some reachable, compelling goals was more important than an arbitrary (if traditional!) deadline.

Finally, I'm ready with one goal project selected in each area of focus. Some are fairly involved, but some can be done in just a day or two and will soon be replaced with a new goal. It's a welcome change from last year, when “build a custom home” was about the only thing on the agenda and consumed our lives. (I still haven't finished all the posts for that project, but after we moved in, I just needed a breather!)

Below are my goals in the eight areas of focus for 2011. I'll be creating individual posts to outline the process of each.

Please share some of your own goals and tell us how you'll accomplish them!

For Mind

Create education schedules for January–June.

For Body

Lose 35 pounds.

For Spirit

Stop cursing 100%.

For Love

Plan Jessica's wedding.

For Money

Enter all data and year end adjustments for business accounts.

For Home

Buy furniture for main rooms.

For Good

Plan Primary music lessons a week ahead.

For Fun

Complete a PHP course.

Share your resolutions!