I recently read an obituary that contained an interesting tidbit. It talked about how this woman was called to serve as a young women's president at the age of 75 and how this service blessed her life and those youth in her ward. It caused me to think back to another older sister who served as a YW president in a ward we were in, and how fabulous she was, and I wondered to myself – why aren't older people called to serve in leadership callings more often?

Sometimes I feel like we neglect the gifts that older people can bring to callings – the wisdom, the rising above the pettiness of things, the seeing things in a perspective different than perhaps the typical church leader does.

On the other hand, I have also had the privilege of working with some leaders who were very young, and I appreciated their vitality, hard work, and true commitment to giving their very best as they serve.

It seems to me that all have something to give, and hopefully as callings are inspired the right person is in there at the right time. I thought it might be fun for us to share thoughts and experiences regarding age of service.

Do you think we overlook people sometimes because they are too old? How about if they are too young? Have you ever served on either end of the spectrum and if so did you feel adequate? What do you think of your YW daughter being led by a 75-year-old? How about a 22-year-old? What challenges might each group face?