Defined Goals

One day a farmer, wishing to teach his son the “art” of planting a field, sent him out it plant with a few words of advice.

“Son,” he said, “to make the rows nice and straight you need to fix your eye on something and follow it!”

That night as the farmer went out to inspect his son's work he saw rows going every which way. Asking his son why he didn't follow towards something, he replied, “I did, but the darn cow kept moving!”

As you begin the process of refining your goals for 2012, remember that real goals need to be defined and measurable. Having a fuzzy, uncertain, something-out-there kind of goal isn't likely to move you toward excellence. Lifestyle design is all about knowing exactly where you want to go and making definite steps to get there.

Keep your eye on the prize. And make sure the “prize” is something you will recognize when it's in your hands.