Now you've done it! Thank you for crashing the servers again! We are moving to a bigger, stronger, faaster server on the evening of March 15th!!

Mormon Momma MovingLast fall we upgraded (“upgraded” being a relative term) to a  VPS when we got pounded with traffic. It help. Kind of. Sort of. The crashing is happening again. I'm sure you all experienced the annoying, aggravating, slowed-to-a-crawl page views — if, indeed, you could see them at all.

I've just purchased a “large” managed hosting plan with LightningBase and will get Mormon Momma (and, later, my other sites) moved there ASAP. I have high hopes that this will greatly enhance the user experience and make accessing the site a pleasure rather than a pain.

If you experience site downtime in the next day or so, trust that it will be temporary.

We appreciate you taking the time to read, share, and comment! Thank you for your support!