More MailboxesRecently I told you that after a year of living in the house, we finally got our mailbox finished. I simply posted to find a mason, and within a few days, it was being completed. Now, every time I back out of the driveway, I feel good. And so does Sam.

For 12 months, approaching the corner of our lot meant seeing a big, unfinished, dragon board box…next to a pile of stones. It was a project that screamed to be done. It was an eyesore. It hurt our curb appeal. I don't know how you are, but when I am constantly reminded about an incomplete job, it just gnaws at me and irritates me. I feel like I can't relax, since there is work to be done!

Mailboxes are essential, and since they are so visible, they should fit with the house and overall style. They can blend in to the surroundings, but if they are going to stand out, let it be in a positive way. I love mailboxes with personality, but if something is going to be a permanent part of your landscape, make sure it's not just silly.

If you're in need of a replacement, check out the stylish residential mailboxes I found. They can spruce up the front of your home without breaking the bank. If you need commercial or specialty mail boxes of another sort, you'll find them as well.