Washing MachineThere's an old adage from my parent's generation that too often seems to be forgotten in our disposable society.

Use it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or do without.

Believe me, my parents lived this verse! When I cleaned out my dad's house to sell last fall (he moved in with us after a severe auto accident), I was reminded just how well!

For better or worse, finances dictate so many things should just be thrown out rather than repaired. My dad always used to get his dress shoes repaired and reheeled. Unless you go to a very nice (by my standards) men's shoe store, your wallet will be fatter if you just check the old and get a shiny new pair.

Small appliances are similar. We used to have a local shop called The Mending Shed. When I was a kid, I often road there with my dad to drop off a toaster, a blender, a shaver, some small item that needed a new widget or gadget added.

Today, it's difficult to find such shops — because the repair will cost more than the new item did.

Large appliances are an exception to this rule. However, I still see the disposal mindset creeping in. In my organizing workshops people often complain about dishwashers, washers, and driers that don't work. Frequently, however, the machine just needs a minor adjustment, a tuneup, or even a new detergent that better fits the water conditions.

Rather than trash your pricey appliances, look for a reputable company that provides washing machine repair. Rather than paying thousands of dollars, you might end up with a washer that works like new for a fraction of the cost.

Remember, money isn't the only thing you save when you really do “use it up, wear it out.” When you reduce the number of bulky items that end up in a landfill, you help keep trash and pollution lower.

Double benefit!