Mailboxes Add Curb AppealThe “big storm” is supposed to hit tonight. State agencies are on high alert and everyone is ready to have schools close and roads blocked. Of course even though it's 2:30 am, it's 40 degrees outside with only a light rain. But maybe this “big storm” will actually happen. As opposed to the “big storm” a month ago, the one that forgot to show up.

So while contracted Utah snow removal teams are perched in their trucks, just waiting to dig us out, I'm thinking about spring. In my humble opinion, snow should positively dump itself on all of humanity…from the day after Thanksgiving until January 2. At that point, it should beat a hasty retreat and let the bulbs start working their way to the surface.

I've created two project folder, one for my front garden and one for the vegetable garden. And I'm starting to think about curb appeal.

During the winter, when you're not out slaving in the yard, it's a good time to plan for better weather. Look around your yard and try to see it from a visitors point of view. Are your flower beds cleaned out? Are the shrubs trimmed? Does your front porch look inviting? Is your front door clean and attractive?

Another aspect of curb appeal is the mailbox. Is it the unattractive, standard black metal box on a stick? Is it shabby and leaning to one side? Classic mailboxes can quickly replace worn, unappealing ones. Keystone mailboxes look nostalgic, but have modern strength and features.

Aesthetics aren't the only consideration. A mailbox door that stays closed and a working signal flag can also protect your mail and make sure important letters are collected.

Gaines Mailboxes has a nice selection of mailboxes, address plaques, and mailbox accessories (like spare doors or flags, posts, and locking inserts). You can even get a newspaper delivery attachment. Now if I could just convince our  newspaper carrier that the puddle in the driveway is not the ideal delivery spot.