Last Monday, during a debate with author Christopher Hitchens, the typically unhinged Al Sharpton said, “As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary…situation.”

Mitt Romney wasn't pleased but, as you might guess, responded to the comment with class, forgiveness, and without pointing out that “anyways” isn't a word. A sharp (no pun intended) contrast to Big Al's response to Don Imus' inane comments a few weeks back.

Later, overrun by negative publicity, Sharpton “apologized.” Which consisted of about 17 minutes of Sharpton denying that he ever said anything offensive and that those who were offended had misconstrued, misunderstood, twisted his words, and taken them out of context. You see, when Sharpton spoke of “the one Mormon running for office” he was not speaking of Mitt Romney. He was contrasting himself with atheist Christopher Hitchens.

When that bit of spin induced nausea, he changed his story. “What I said was that we would defeat him [Romney], meaning as a Republican.”

At least he didn't say that we'd defeat him, meaning as a Democrat.

And if you don't follow that, you're an evil, bigoted, hate-mongering snivel.

Chauffeuring (I'll have you know, I spelled that right the very first try) my kids around today, thinking this story had run its course, I flip on the Sean Hannity show. And what do I hear? I hear Hannity going to the wall for the Mormons. It almost brings tears to my eyes…except that I'm driving an 800 ton SUV packed with kids and that's best done with clear vision. Here's a sampling of what nearly left me driving into the swale off State Road 73:

It [Utah] is a community that is rooted in its deeply held religious faith. And there's a very large percentage of LDS Latter-day Saints in the community. I have many of my closest friends that are Mormons that are LDS and I have found them to be, without exception, people dedicated to service, patriotism, family, God, faith, country.

You can see a discernible difference in a community that is rooted in the foundation where God is put first. I may have some minor religious differences, but the Bible tells us, “By their fruits, you shall know them.” And you can seen a discernible difference, it is an incredible community. I've got to tell you, my impressions of them are nothing but a thousand percent positive, of the people that I have had the great honor of meeting over the years.

Here's to Sean Hannity; loyal friend to the Mormon people.