Logical Fallacy ExamplesHave you ever heard someone trying to prove a point — possibly in a political, scientific, or moral argument — that just seemed wrong, but you couldn't explain why? Have you heard or read positions that your gut said didn't make sense, but you couldn't pinpoint the problem? Have you stopped challenging ideas you thought were bad, because you felt unable to articulate your position? If so, it's time to learn to recognize logical fallacies by studying myriad logical fallacy examples.

A logical fallacy is an incorrect argumentation used in reasoning that results in a misconception. Unfortunately, such fallacies are used all the time — from supposedly credible sources — to justify all manner of legislation, imposition, justification, and perpetrating general stupidity on innocent bystanders. But learning to spot the fallacies — and name them correctly — is a crucial step in debunking nonsense.

Logic is necessary to understand and communicate your beliefs to others. Logic is necessary to analyze other's beliefs. Logic is crucial to finding truth.

Pix2Brix will be featuring a number of posts to explain logical fallacies in the upcoming months. We will include a number of logical fallacy examples so that you can learn to identify them when they come up. And, trust me, they will!