When building or remodeling a home, lighting can make an enormous difference in the mood, either inside or out. Specific task lighting, general room lighting, and ambient lighting all work together to make a room beautiful and functional.

My husband is an electrical engineer. A number of years ago, when LED lights started to look like a viable lighting source, he became very intrigued. He talked about the possibilities and varied applications. He predicted that LED lighting was the next big thing in home design. And he was right!

Now, just a few years later, the market is flooded (no pun intended) with  all sorts of easy installation LED lights. Their size and lighting capacity make them suited for all sorts of innovative installations.

When I talk to people about LED lights for new home construction, they tend to think of one thing. What comes to mind is do it yourself LED lights, which they believe is limited to LED light strings that you can wrap around a porch rail or something similarly temporary (and even tacky) or perhaps holiday lights.

Often, however, they are unaware of the range of quality products now available.

In a kitchen, for example, you could have LED bar lights that serve as amazing under cabinet lighting. These could also be used in a workshop, office or craft setting to provide specific task lighting.

Electronic screen can have LED backlighting, which reduces eye strain.

One of the most exciting innovations in lighting is the LED lighting strips. They are flexible, come in a variety of colors, and can be used almost anywhere. Think about display cabinets, home theaters, game rooms, stairways, etc.

When designing or remodeling a room in your home, bring the lighting design into the plan early on. Adding some fabulous new LED lighting can add the perfect touch with a modern twist.